Newborn Cues

Cues are a baby’s way of communicating to you through their actions. Without words, babies manage to let their parents know when they want to eat, learn, play or rest. They are often called ‘cues’ as they are meant to prompt the parent to take action. The cues at first may look random but once mum or dad learns what the cues mean they can feel a great sense of relief and confidence that they understand and is able to communicate with their baby and attend to its needs. As the cues form a pattern it should start to be clearer what are engagement cues and what are disengagement cues. It is important to recognise these cues and know if it a good time for a Lullaby Lucy Baby Massage or not.

Engagement Cues

Engagement Cues are a way of your baby telling you that he or she is happy or that they are enjoying whatever it is that they are doing. These cues maybe demonstrated by your baby’s eyes are open wide and focusing on an object or someone that is engaging with your baby. Their face and body will be relaxed and they will use smooth body movements.

Cues vary and increase in complexity as your baby grows and develops. Other cues are grasping hold of an object or the person engaging with your baby. When giving the signal for the start of Lullaby Lucy Baby Massage, baby’s cue could be grasping your hand and pulling it towards them. Smiling is another positive cue as is making babbling or gurgling noises. Baby may even try and put an object or your hand in his mouth to explore it more by tasting whatever has interested him. When baby is very excited he may kick his legs too.

Disengagement cues

Disengagement cues are often displayed in a cluster of actions so if a baby shows one disengagement cue it may not mean he is unhappy. Babies are more likely to demonstrate multiple disengagement cues at once. Some disengagement cues are; baby may close his eyes, turn his face or body away or he may arch or twist his body away. His muscles will be tense and he may frown or look like he is about to cry.

Lullaby Lucy Baby Massage classes teach Mums, Dads and Carers how to recognise their baby’s cues. This not only enhances the benefits of a Lullaby Lucy Baby Massage but also many other daily routines and activities such as Feeding, Sleeping and Play.

Newborn Cues